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What to do in Marmaris ?

About the city;

Located at the intersection of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, the port city of Marmaris is a small town within the borders of Muğla. The touristic place, which welcomes 5 million visitors annually from all over the world, has a population of 91 thousand 100 people. Marmaris is famous for its nightlife and is very assertive in entertaining you day and night.

How many days to visit; You can travel comfortably in 3-5 days.

The best time to visit;

Marmaris, which has very hot summers and mild winters, is suitable to be visited in every month of the year. However, the months of April-September should be preferred for summer vacation. I would also like to point out that July and August are the busiest months.

Museum Cards: In order to visit the museums in Marmaris, you can use the "Musecard", which is valid in many museums from almost anywhere in Turkey.

Airport/Central Transportation:

Transportation to Marmaris by air is provided by the nearest Dalaman Airport. "How can I go to Marmaris from Dalaman Airport or return?" The simplest solution to the answer to the question is Muttaş shuttles from the airport to Marmaris or private airport transfer, you can contact Arya Roof House if you wish. Arya Roof House, which serves especially in the daily rental house sector, strives to provide you with the best service in airport transfer.

Don't go back without doing it!

I think you should definitely go on a daily boat tour in Marmaris to see the uniquely beautiful bays of Marmaris. You can add a unique experience to your holiday by visiting the bay every day, departing from the beach called Saman Iskelesi.

What to eat:

For everything about Marmaris cuisine, which is full of delicious local delicacies such as Black Cow Bean Sourdough, Mixed Herb Salad and Stuffed Brisket: Marmaris Local Dishes, Wonderful Taste and Where to Eat in Marmaris? Just click on the 10 Best Venues links!

Average meal cost per person: 30TL

Average coffee price per person: 10-15 TL

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