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Marmaris Culinary Culture

Marmaris Culinary Culture

Promising a paradise in every corner, Marmaris, the distinguished holiday city of our country, hosts thousands of tourists every year with its turquoise blue sea, lush forests and cultural values. In addition to its Natural Wonders, another feature that attracts the attention of visitors is the rich cuisine of the region. Marmaris cuisine, which carries the traces of Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine, offers the opportunity to experience delicious dishes.

In Marmaris cuisine, especially olive oil and seafood are indispensable. Salads prepared from vegetables and herbs grown in lands suitable for growing vegetables and fruits are indispensable for Marmaris galls. We can say that the most popular meat dish in Marmaris, which is very rich in terms of meat dishes apart from olive oil and seafood, is crackertme kebab. In addition, stuffed zucchini flowers, black-eyed peas, stuffed breasts are among the leading dishes of the city. At the same time, the most important flavor you should taste before leaving Marmaris is the world-famous pine honey unique to Marmaris. We recommend that you take a look at our list of Marmaris local dishes that we have prepared for you.

Practical information

Foods that can be bought from Marmaris:

Marmaris, one of the seaside resort cities, hosts restaurants with a rich fish menu, where you can enjoy fresh fish. There are restaurants along the coast where you can consume various fish. Before leaving Marmaris, which has a rich cuisine in terms of international cuisine, you can buy olives, olive oil, Muğla tarhana and other legumes.

The Most Famous Dessert of Marmaris:

The crispy dessert, which contains the perfect blend of honey, sesame and almond, is one of the desserts you can try in Marmaris. Likewise, palace dessert and Marmaris cookies are among the desserts that can be consumed in Marmaris as well as in Muğla. It is possible to find these sweets easily in patisseries and dessert shops in Marmaris.

Organic Products that can be bought from Marmaris:

Marmaris is a place with world famous pine honey. For this reason, almost everyone who comes to Marmaris buys pine honey, even if it is a jar. You can buy pine honey in jars for yourself or your loved ones from the sales points you will find in every corner of Marmaris. In addition, natural village tarhana, almonds, olives and olive oil, black-eyed peas and pulses are among the natural products you can buy from Marmaris as gifts.

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