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Marmaris Local Dishes

Cowpea Sourdough

Black-eyed peas, one of the most used vegetables in Aegean cuisine, can be served in many different ways. The cowpea sour, which is in the first place in the list of local dishes in Marmaris, is one of the most delicious dishes made with black-eyed peas. Black-eyed black-eyed peas, which are similar to green beans, can be consumed either hot or cold in Marmaris cuisine.

Black-eyed peas, which contain plenty of tomatoes, garlic, pomegranate syrup, verjuice juice and olive oil, are the first alternatives for those who want to spend their evening meals lightly, especially in summer. Black cowpea, which is very delicious and nutritious, is one of the flavors you should taste in Marmaris. You can taste black-eyed black-eyed peas, which is a very delicious appetizer besides fish products with its light consistency, in many places in Marmaris.

Where to Eat: You can try it at home by getting the recipe for black-eyed peas, which is mostly made at home. It is also possible to find it in the menu of restaurants in the city center.

How To: Go To Recipe

Eggplant with Egg

Everyone knows all kinds of eggs, but I'm sure you've heard of eggplant for the first time. Eggplant, the indispensable vegetable of the summer season, and eggs, which are indispensable for breakfast, combine to create a delicious taste. This taste, which can be consumed at dinners and breakfasts, is not missing from Marmaris tables.

The aubergines, whose bitterness is removed, are cut into rounds. Ingredients such as eggs, flour, milk and salt are whisked and the eggplants are dipped in this mixture and fried in hot oil. If roasted tomatoes and onions are added on the side, you will not be satisfied with the taste. Eggplant with egg, which is made in every region of the Aegean, is found in abundance both in Marmaris houses and in restaurants that serve local cuisine.

Where to Eat: You can try it at home by getting the recipe for eggplant with egg, which is usually made at home. It is possible to find eggplant with egg in restaurants with local dishes in the district center.

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Stuffed Sura

Sura, which takes its place in the list of local dishes in a very large part of the Aegean region, is one of the indispensable dishes of the feast of sacrifice. Sura, one of the most famous local dishes of Marmaris, takes its place especially at crowded guest tables and whets the appetite of anyone who loves meat or not. The most important feature of the dish is that it is made from lamb ribs. It will be much tastier this way.

The preparation of the dish is a little laborious and requires some dexterity. However, it is understood that the work that comes out after cooking is worth the effort. Stuffed rice is prepared by adding the desired ingredients according to taste and stuffed into the ribs. The exposed parts are sewn with a needle and thread and put on the tray and sauce is poured on it to make it reddish. Even if it is cooked in a stone oven, its taste is not enough. This flavor unique to Marmaris, which appeals to both your palate and your eyes, is at the top of the dishes you should try during your Marmaris visits.

Where to Eat: You can find Sura Stuffed Stuffed at restaurants and restaurants that have local dishes.

Price Range: Mid-Range

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Stuffed zucchini flowers

Stuffed zucchini flowers, which are made in many parts of our country, are an indispensable dish especially on the Aegean coasts. The fact that there is a lot of pumpkin cultivation in the Muğla region has caused the dish to be made more in this region. The zucchini flowers, which open fully in the early hours of the morning, begin to close towards the evening. Therefore, it is necessary to collect in the early hours. It is necessary to prepare and fill the inner mortar immediately without waiting for the flowers, which are quite sensitive.

Marmaris style stuffed zucchini flowers, prepared with rice, dill and onions, are served with olive oil and are highly preferred in hot summer months because of its lack of a mild flavor. If you also love stuffing and are looking for a different flavor, you should definitely try stuffed zucchini flowers in Marmaris.

Price Range: Mid-Range

How To: Go To Recipe

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